News and notes

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News and notes

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:13 pm

Amazing meeting and a big welcome to our new members!!

A few things:

* Open Mic sign ups will start next week. First one in, please start a list on my whiteboard.
* Ms. Fitzell and I are looking into more "performance-friendly" spaces. Stay tuned.
* I will be using one of the photos taken today to make thank you cards for Mr. Nadeau and our kind tee shirt creator. I'll ask you all to sign them once they're done.
* Jamie is our Twitter goddess and she's looking for ideas on what to tweet. DM her at @poetrysoc or just post on a new thread.
* Please consider posting your work here!!! It insipres others. I will work to solicit ideas for "ground rules" around quoting other people's work and guidelines for constructive feedback.
* Fantastic idea to make some of our meetings entirely open mic and invite the school. I will follow up on this after I run it by Mr. Sullivan. Be prepared to weigh in on what you think the rules should be (profanity, "diss raps", how to listen, etc.

You people are outstanding. See you soon! -Mrs. Trial


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